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The safest fast-charging lithium ion battery maker in the world

5 10 min. safe charge

The booming electric vehicle (EV) market provide tremendous business opportunities for lithium ion batteries. However,  lack of fast-charging capability of current lithium ion battery technology, becomes the pain in the neck while the public is trying to replace more ICE cars with EVs.  2M’s extreme fast charging and safe (XFCS)  battery technology can solve the pain by reducing the charging time to 5 – 10 min. in a safe way.

Significant longer driving range at old weather

E-mobility (EV, E-scooters etc.) users at northern areas can be frustrated in winter season due to the significantly reduced driving range. At zero degree Fahrenheit or below, 2M’s XFCS battery technology can enable +60% or more driving range than incumbent lithium ion battery technology, tremendously increasing the peace of mind of E-mobility users.

Super safe: no fire, no explosion

Battery safety is a huge concern not only for E-mobility, but also for warehouse robots. The current mainstream warehouse robots pick lead-acid battery for safety, trading off energy density enormously. 2M’s XFCS battery technology has not only disruptive breakthrough in safety, but also >= 3X of the energy density of the lead-acid battery used in warehouse robots.


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