• Novel Co – free higly safe fast charging cathode
  • New Li plating – free highly safe fast charging anode
  • 3-6 min fast charging at cell level
  • Super high safety (no fire, no explosion)
  • 10X longer cycle life
  • Excellent low temperature performance
  • High volume energy density
  • Drop-in solution for large scale production
  • Patent protection in place

    2MATLS INC. (2M) is a Delaware based company, focusing on providing unique battery solutions for electric mobilities, and home/grid energy storage. 2M’s core team has about 80 years unique experience covering up, mid, down streams, and innovation end of lithium battery value chain, which enables 2M to develop revolutionary battery technology & product roadmap, create differentiated market/customer strategy, and design value-adding solution / products beyond customers’ expectation.

    • info@2matls.com
    • 225 Corporate Blvd
    • Suite G, Newark, Delaware 19702
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